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  • Vice President EV & Hybrid Technology
  • Head of Battery Development
  • Head of Electric Vehicles
  • Head of R&D
  • Head of Thermal Management
  • Head of Electrical Development
  • Chief Engineer of Electric Vehicles
  • Chief Engineer of Hybrids
  • Technical Directors
  • Advanced Vehicle Development Directors
  • Battery Team Leaders
  • Electric Propulsion & Control Systems Managers
  • Lead Battery Engineers
  • Senior Manager Energy Storage
  • Managers of Electric Vehicle Operations & Strategy
  • Battery Cell Development and Energy Systems Storage Engineers


  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Powertrain System Development Companies
  • Advanced Materials Production And Development Companies
  • Battery Tester, Charger And Analyser Development Companies
  • Battery Pack & Vehicle Level Integration Specialists
  • Lightweight Material Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Battery Management System Manufacturers
  • Thermal Management Solutions Companies
  • Engineering Software Development Companies
  • Charging Infrastructure Companies
  • Battery Recycling Companies
  • Engineering Consultancy Firms
  • Clean Energy Providers
  • Ultracapacitor Manufacturers
  • Research & Development Laboratories
  • Testing & Safety Specialists

EV Battery Tech UK: 7th Global Cost Reduction Initiative

It is well known that the cost of battery remains the number one challenge restricting both electric and hybrid vehicle advancement and ultimate profitability. Despite the remaining challenges in terms of both performance and cost however one thing is clear, combustion engine efficiencies and lightweighting efforts are unlikely to be able to solely meet stringent worldwide fuel economy mandates and CO2 reduction targets, especially post 2020.

Therefore OEMs must continue to focus on driving forward EV battery performance whilst finding pragmatic solutions for bringing down cost.

Now in it's 7th edition, the EV Battery Tech: Global Cost Reduction Initiative remains a key bi-annual meeting, bringing together real world experience and the latest innovations for identifying realistic cost reduction strategies for improving energy density, range and life of electric vehicle batteries.

Incorporating developments in thermal management, battery life cycles, pack size reduction, integration, fast charging, materials, cell chemistries, battery management systems as well as hard data on customer use and experience to provide you with a detailed orientated, content packed 2 days.  

Key questions being addressed include:

  • What are the latest technological breakthroughs impacting energy density, range and life, and how can we capitalise on these advancements at a reasonable cost?
  • What are the real requirements of EV customers, and how can cost reduction strategies be employed in light of these customer usage profiles?
  • What are the supplier roadmaps, and how can these optimise OEM production strategies?
  • What is the potential for investment return from secondary use ?
  • What is the latest progress with battery standardisation and when can OEMs expect to benefit from progress in this area?

As the original symposium on electric vehicle battery technology development, and the only event focused specifically on cost reduction, the event's reputation and record for continuing to deliver invaluable industry insights year after year gives it a unique scope for collaborative innovation and networking.

If you need to keep your finger on the pulse in this key area of R&D investment, this is an event not to be missed.

We look forward to welcoming you to London this April.

Kind regards,
EV Battery Tech Team

Jaguar Land Rover

"I liked the spread of subjects & perspectives."   


5 Key Reasons To Attend:

  • The only event focused specifically on cost reduction strategies that identify how to utilise existing technologies and capitalise on the latest breakthroughs to deliver desired performance at a commercially viable cost across components, manufacturing, processing, chemistry and integration
  • Hear from 20+ OEMs on their strategies to lower cost whilst optimising performance in EV development, ensuring return on investment through solutions such as secondary use, matching customer use to technological development and standardisation
  • Discover the future plans of battery manufacturers and examine production roadmaps in both the short and long term.
  • Gain insights into the latest developments in energy density, range and life as well as examining improvements and cost reduction in cell chemistry, thermal management, pack reduction, lightweighting and battery management systems
  • Benefit from the most comprehensive discussion of cost reduction methods and innovation available today from an OEM-led expert speaker faculty
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